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The innovative ProphyMaster™ tip is a NO MESS™ waterless disposable Air Polishing Prophylaxis tip for Full Mouth stain removal of extrinsic stain, dental plaque and soft debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. The ProphyMaster™ tip is integrated with a High Speed Evacuator tube thereby collecting a significant portion of the aerated powder dust as it ricochets off the tooth surface.

Each ProphyMaster™ tip combines the suctioning power of the chairside high-speed evacuation and the chairside low-speed air supply to provide minimal overspray in a single-handed operation. Flow control is via the chair foot pedal and the ProphyMaster™ tips come prefilled with standard Sodium Bicarbonate or non-sodium prophy powder.

The ProphyMaster™ nozzle acts as a cork sealing the prophy powder within the ProphyMaster™ chamber until it is mounted on the adapter. When ready for use, simply pull the nozzle forward-to-stop to release the abrasive powder.

  • Each ProphyMaster™ tip is a single-use disposable air polishing device with an integral disposable HVE evacuation tube.
  • ProphyMaster™ Tips contain sufficient powder for a full mouth prophy procedure (whereas the EtchMaster® tips are for localized procedures).
  • ProphyMaster™ tips are available in 2 types of prophy powder.
  • ProphyMaster™ tip powder types are distinguishable by the color dot on the tip.
  • ProphyMaster™ tips come pre-filled with soft Sodium Bi-Carbonate powder (color coded GREEN ) and sodium FREE Calcium Carbonate powder (color coded YELLOW ).
  • ProphyMaster™ tips support a 0.8mm aperture nozzle for large area coverage and quick operation.
  • The ProphyMaster™ nozzles are 360° rotatable for easy aim and reach.
  • The ProphyMaster™ nozzles are formed to easily reach the lingual side.

The ProphyMaster™ Starter Kit carries our Adapter Lifetime Warranty and 10 FREE Tips: 3 GREEN and 3 YELLOW prophy powder ProphyMaster™ Tips plus 2 RED and 2 BLUE (one Large & on Small) EtchMaster® Tips.




The Adapter

The ProphyMaster™ Adapter has two components:

  1. A permanent attachment to the standard High-Speed Evacuator chairside hose, and
  2. An Air Source using the Low-Speed Handpiece connection.

HVE evacuation- The ProphyMaster™ Adapter mounts onto the standard High-Speed Evacuator chairside hose. Simply remove the evacuator tubing at your existing chair and mount onto the ProphyMaster™ adapter. The Universal Autoclavable QD HVE is made of

Air Source is provided directly from the standard chairside low-speed handpiece connection using a 4-Hole adapter (compatible with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 hole adapters). The green air source tubing mounted to the ProphyMaster™ adapter is simply pushed into the 4-Hole adapter to connect the pressurized air source to the ProphyMaster™ adapter . The air flow to ProphyMaster™ tips is controlled via the standard chairside foot pedal.

EXTRA- The 4-Hole adapter is fully compatible with the EtchMaster® tips. By simply removing the green tubing from the 4-Hole adapter and inserting an EtchMaster® tip it is possible to perform intra-oral etching prior to sealants using the RED hard abrasive tips and the removal of stubborn stain using the BLUE mild abrasive tips. NOTE: Check your state's regulations for compliance with hygienists performing procedures using the hard and mild abrasive tips.

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